Pender Island Recycling Society

COVID-19 Information: 

250 629 6962

Thurs, Fri, and Sat: 9:00am to 4:00pm  June through Sept 2021

We hope that by opening an hour earlier and staying open an hour later we can reduce your wait time and reduce the amount of traffic at the depot.

Please remember that the following two actions will make recycling better for everyone during Covid-19:

1. Pre-sorting: this drastically reduces the amount of time needed to recycle.
2. Stock pile your recycling. Yes, this is one area that you are being asked to stockpile (just a little). If you normally make 4 trips/month to the depot, try coming in only once or twice. This will reduce vehicle traffic and take some of the strain off our reduced capacity.

​Please DO NOT come to the depot if:
· you have been travelling in the last fourteen days
· have any symptoms of Covid-19 including fever, shortness of breath, or a cough
· If you are vulnerable to Covid-19 due to age or an underlying health condition (if this is the case, please hang on to your recycling until Covid passes so that you can remain safe).

NOTE - There will be no handling of recyclables by any of the staff.

Respect social distancing of 2 m between yourself and depot staff members.


Our heartfelt apologies to those with mobility issues, we are unable to assist you with your recycling at this time. If you are unable to deposit your recycling into the collection containers yourself, we ask that you keep it at home for the time being.

We suggest that you clean your recycling well, place it in large garbage bags, and store it in a secure outdoor location on your property until we can resume our normal operation.

This is for your own safety as well as for the safety of the staff.


1. Try to store your recycling at home for longer than you usually do so that you can reduce the number of trips to the depot.
2. Pre-sort your recyclables at home in order to minimize your time at the depot. This will help other recyclers who are patiently waiting for their turn  :)
We suggest the following categories:
glass packaging; steel and aluminum; paper and cardboard; crinkly plastic; soft plastic bags; plastic containers; styrofoam; milk/soup cartons/coffee cups; and refundables).
We are once again accepting paint, batteries, light bulbs, small appliances and large appliances, as well as non-packaging plastic. Please phone ahead if you have large quantities to check whether we are able to accept them (it depends on how busy it is at the depot).
3. Only two cars may recycle at a time, the staff will direct you when it is your turn.
4. Wear disposable gloves while recycling at the depot.
5. DO NOT handle any recycling other than your own while at the depot.
6. All collection containers have been moved out of doors. Recycling can be placed directly into the megabags on the pallets. Staff will show you where the recyclables go.

Thank you for your patience! By following these guidelines we hope that we may be able to continue to serve you.

With warmth,
PIRS staff and board

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