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Island Glass Tek

COVID-19 Information: 

Bob Funk here, Island Glasstek and BCF Constructors available for any emergency health and safety construction and building system issues, residential and commercial.

Emergency security  board-up Glass / Glazing 

Compromised structural integrity assessment and remedial work (emergency)

General contracting, management with a full compliment of related construction professional services, Engineering and sub-trade trade support

Owner DIY project consulting

Building project Related material sourcing / shipping logistics for various suppliers

Small repairs based on priority - health and safety

Worksafe BC Coverage

3 million liability coverage

We will continue to monitor workplace environmental requirements on an ongoing basis

Please call me at 250 744-9160 if you need more details on this.

Welcome to Island Glass Tek

With over 40 years of experience in the carpentry and glass trade, we provide workmanship for the domestic local market. If you are in need of thermal window replacements that have fogged your view, look no further! We also help to design and install architectural glass. 

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